Ningbo Ketian Magnet CO.,LTD.
Ningbo Ketian Magnet CO.,LTD.

Ketian Magnet Holds a New Year Learning Seminar

Jan 30 , 2024

On January 27th, Ketian Industry Division held a New Year learning seminar. Vice President Mr Fu, Director Mrs Cen, General Manager Mr Xu and all cadre attended together.


This meeting focused on topics "Benchmarking against excellent peers, analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of Ketian, exploring the next steps for improvement" and "Seven methods of human resource management" to promote the synergy of internal production, supply, sales, human resources, finance, and technology. Meanwhile, improvement plans were proposed for some issues during the meeting to achieve the goal of closed-loop management, enhancing intelligence through learning, and promoting action through learning.


Mr Xu pointed out that Ningbo and Baotou bases need to pool their aggregation power, strengthen research and development, focus on internal strengths, compete in the market, enhance product strength, and create a great development in the magnetic industry. Mr Xie and Mr Ni, representing the two bases, expressed confidence and determination, leading the team to deeply implement the "TTCA" enterprise management approach, promoting the corporate spirit of Jintian people's courage to compete and pursuit of excellence, and making unremitting efforts to create outstanding performance in the magnetic industry.