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Ningbo Ketian Magnet CO.,LTD.

Ketian Magnet - Clean Governance Promotion Conference

Jan 05 , 2024

In order to strengthen the integrity of cadres, improve overall quality and professional ethics, on January 4th, Ketian held an meeting about anti-corruption. Some key personnel from functional departments such as the Procurement Department, Production Management Department, and Production Equipment Department joining in.

Ketian invited Wang Zhao, Deputy Manager of the Audit Department, to conduct a culture of integrity, including policy regulations, case warnings, and policy promotion. Ketian expected all employees can adhere to the bottom line of principles and establish correct values. At the meeting, it was emphasized that all management cadres should attach great importance to maintaining high-pressure and strict management in team awareness transmission and policy promotion. If any issues are found, they should be dealt with in a timely manner to avoid loss of company interests and protect the personal good future of employees.