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"Family Open Day" in Jintian

Dec 20 , 2023

Our company invited 20 groups of employee families to Jintian and spent a joyful time together!

Walking Into Green Factory Like A Forest

01. Company visit: Walking into green factory like a forest

Children walked with their parents on the clean and bright green passage in the workshop, and listening attentively to the staff's explanation about our company.

When they saw various technology devices, the children eagerly asked the guide, "Uncle, what is this device for?" "Auntie, what is on the screen of this machine?" The guide replied one by one, broadening the horizons of all the children.

Share your impression of Jintian

02. On site interaction: Share your impression of Jintian

"What impressed you the most during the visit?"

"What's the difference between the factory I saw and what I imagined?"

After the visit, the children began to recall the scene they had seen and spoke enthusiastically: "The park was filled with cultural atmosphere." "The unmanned chemical factory in Jintian, with its intelligent equipment, gave me a more intuitive understanding of my father's work." "This is my first time coming to my mother's workplace, and the family's open day activity is really thoughtful."


03. Youzhigu: Experience the joy of parent-child activities

In the afternoon, everyone comes together to the Valley of Youzhi. Digging sweet potatoes, pulling radishes, archery, and more, I experienced the joy of parent-child activities.

The implementation of the Family Open Day activity aims to enhance the sense of belonging and happiness of employees and their families, allowing employees and their families to have a more intuitive, in-depth, and comprehensive understanding and understanding of the company. The rich activity experience establishes a bridge of mutual understanding and support between employees and their families.